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We are a digital co-creation launchpad that helps entrepreneurs (in startups) and intrapreneurs (in enterprises) across the globe deliver innovative technology products.

We achieve this by breaking up your high-level promise into a series of specific, time-bound "experiments", which are then run in at least one of our "labs": the Product Lab, the Design Lab and the Technology Lab.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe in dreams - yours and ours.

  2. We believe we can change the world. A small, seemingly-insignificant entrepreneurial action in Lagos can turn markets around in Europe, Asia, the Americas and beyond.

  3. We believe that Africa's future lies in entrepreneurship.

  4. We believe that a new wave of African entrepreneurs are emerging, and over the next few decades, the most valuable African companies will be tech companies. By extension, the richest Africans will be technology entrepreneurs.

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Our Values

  1. Empiricism - and, by extension - experimentation.

  2. Failure: Oh, yes - that stigmatized word! We believe that failure as an event is different from failure as an identity. So, we see every failure (and success, by the way) as a data point on our journey. An event from which we can learn. No more, no less.

  3. Growth Mindset: We believe that success is a journey, and not a destination. Yesterday's glory belongs in the past, so we are as quick to unlearn what worked yesterday as we are to learn what will work today.

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What We Do

  1. We remind you that startups are - by definition - experiments. So, we help you get comfortable with empiricism, failure and the growth mindset.

  2. We literally hold your hand, guide you along the digital-product-development process, and show you how it's done. No BS: Code Reviews, Pair Programming (shoulder-to-shoulder or via video-conferencing), Code Smells, Spaghetti Code, SOLID Principles, Unit Tests, Test-Driven Development, etc. We're sometimes referred to as "Drill Sergeants", so you already know we're not here to sell you oral advice.

  3. We've structured our engagements as discrete, time-bound "sprints" toward specific growth targets, rather than unending consulting contracts that don't actually add any value to you.

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How We Do It

The Product Lab, by Boolean Labs

Product Lab

So you've got an idea?


The Design Lab, by Boolean Labs

Design Lab

Create a working (living, breathing, clickable) prototype

The Technology Lab, by Boolean Labs

Technology Lab

Mix and match technologies to achieve your aim

How We Help You

  1. Discrete, Time-Bound Sprints

  2. Specific Growth Targets (Outcomes)

  3. Practical, No-BS Technical Guidance:

    1. Code Reviews

    2. Pair Programming

    3. Code Smells

    4. Spaghetti Code

    5. SOLID Principles

    6. Unit Tests and Test-Driven Development

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Africa Drug Trust

Africa Drug Trust is a blockchain network connecting pharmaceutical manufacturers, shipping companies, drug-law enforcement agencies, governments, hospitals, dispensaries and consumers through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of the journey of every drug through its supply chain.

Platform: Hyperledger Sawtooth

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